Automatic Label Applicator

Print and Apply

The M-Series range of Print and Apply automatic label applicator are designed to be used inline and automatically print and apply labels to products as they move along a production line or within a warehouse or logistics facility. Our M-Series line offers a fully modular solution to meet the many and varying needs of manufacturers today. Consisting of printers, applicators and accessories, the standard configurations offer a solution for a vast range of print and apply requirements.Automatic_Label_Applicator

The M-Series range of labelers allows Domino to offer a full range of primary, secondary and pallet coding solutions.

Reduced errors

By decreasing the number of errors during printing, we can help you reduce production costs. M-Series labelers result in few errors because:

  • Simple label selection for the M-Series provides for operator independence
  • High resolution printing of bar codes, text and graphics ensures supply chain compliance

The M-Series is able to achieve higher pallet coding quality meaning you will experience intuitive and efficient printing.


Whatever your requirements, the M-Series range of print and apply labellers is versatile enough to meet them. For example:Print_and_Apply

  • M-Series can apply a label with Blow, Tamp, Tamp-Blow or Wipe label application options, left and right hand variants to provide an optimal solution
  • The unique design of tamp applicator pads enables a wide range of different labels to be applied using the same applicator pad

High quality pallet coding can be carried our quickly, efficiently and accurately using the M-Series print and apply automatic label applicator solution.


  • The M-Series features both USB and RS232 connections as standard with optional Ethernet

Easy to Use

  • Simple ribbon and label paths ensure fast and effortless change overs
  • M-Series software uses familiar Windows based interfaces
  • The high performance printer control unit provides an intuitive and an informative operator interface