Automation & Integration

Weigh Label’s automation and integration solutions are designed to meet your manufacturing challenges, reducing costs and keeping processes under control. Our S88 standards-based batching solution will help you produce batches with minimal labour, provide you with detailed records to ensure compliance to specifications, trace materials, and continuously improve your product.

Harness the power of machine vision and give your Quality team the tools to meet your stringent quality standards simply and cost-effectively. Machine vision is your full-time quality inspector and it never takes a break – confirming that nutritional labels are present, best before dates are correct, or that a pattern is positioned on a cookie. With in-line, 100% checks on variables and attribute tests, machine vision is not only affordable, it is a must-have tool to meet the ever-changing demands of a business charged with reducing costs while maintaining quality and output increases. Let Weigh Label help you put machine vision to work in your company.