Weigh Label CMMS is an extremely easy-to-use yet powerful computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). Here are some of Weigh Label CMMS’s key features and benefits:
Comprehensive Weigh label CMMS is designed on the 80:20 principle. For 80% of the time, you use just 20% of any application’s functionality to deliver the real benefits. With Weigh label CMMS, you don’t have to pay for an over-specified system – and you get everything you need for effective maintenance management.

Easy to use Weigh label CMMS is extremely simple to use. It’s so intuitive, users need very little training

Inexpensive Our prices are a market breakthrough. You no longer need to pay for complicated, over specified systems

Browser-based Weigh label CMMS’s technology means you have instant access to your maintenance system anywhere, at any time. No setup or downloads. Just connect and go

Flexible and easy to customise Weigh label CMMS works the way you want it to – and it’s easy to add your own information and database fields

Boosts productivity Weigh label CMMS provides critical data to the right person or customer in real time. This empowers your workforce and improves productivity and service levels

Mobile and accessible anywhere allocate jobs and work orders to engineers in real time on their Pocket PC/PDA systems using GPRS, cradle synchronisation or wireless networking

Rich Dashboard Functionality
The dashboard provides instant feedback on your maintenance performance. Many customers display this information on large wall mounted monitors positioned in strategic locations around the site to ensure that management and staff are constantly made aware of the key statistics.


Check the performance of your maintenance by comparing trends for breakdown, adhoc and PPM work orders.


The drill down charts on the Dashboard provide instant access to all of your key maintenance data. The summary screen provides feedback on work order response and completion SLA’s, a summary of planned hours by craft and instant feedback on the most problematic equipment.

Drill Down KPI Charts
The Weigh label CMMS KPI Charts can all be interrogated with a simple mouse click to drill down to the detail behind the statistics. The example shows how 2 mouse clicks from the Job Status KPI is all that is needed to review the full detail of the equipment item that has failed.

Weigh label CMMS delivers powerful management information in tabular and graphical reports. Equipment performance, Labour utilisation, Maintenance efficiency, Cost Analysis, MTBF, PPM Schedules and many more reports put your team firmly in control of maintenance and facilities operations.

Work Orders
Work orders can be used to track all kinds of activity from repair and breakdown work to PPM and routine maintenance and a wide range of service requests such as cleaning and inspections. Colour coded Red, Amber, Green (RAG) lists and tree views provide instant feedback on performance and you can even change the information displayed with the easy to customize field lists

The simple drag and drop scheduler quickly matches jobs to the relevant staff based on their trade / crafts and their availability is calculated based on shift patterns and planned absences. The RAG traffic lights give instant feedback when the planned workload exceeds availability.

Asset Details
The full equipment record is only ever a couple of clicks away. This invaluable online resource provides your engineers with all of the information they need about work order history, parts used, attached images, documents and drawings and a full audit trail of PPM and asset movements

Planned Preventive Maintenance PPM
Any regular planned work can be automatically scheduled with Weigh label CMMS based on calendar schedules or usage details fed from meters and gauges. Standard Job templates define the work to be completed with estimated hours, parts required and associated documents. Route sheets are used to schedule one work order to visit multiple assets.

Condition Based Maintenance
Simple condition based maintenance work orders can be generated automatically in response to meter readings and condition data captured in Weigh label CMMS. Upper and lower thresholds are used to trigger an appropriate standard job which defines the work to be completed. Standard Weigh label CMMS email messaging and notifications keep relevant employees informed and data can be imported from Building Management Systems (BMS) as alarms are raised.

Help Desk / Work requests
The unique flexibility of Weigh label CMMS means that self-service work request screens and help desk functionality can be configured to match your unique environment and make the task of reporting breakdowns and requesting services as simple as possible for the end user.

Active Directory integration automatically populates the caller details and email confirmation messages contain a clickable link that will open Weigh label CMMS and display the full details of the request

This simple example provides a series of drop down options to rapidly select the appropriate Asset or Location. A display of all outstanding work for the selected location avoids duplication of requests and provides simple feedback on outstanding tasks.

Stores and Purchasing
Weigh label CMMS provides a fully functional multi-stores, multi-currency stores management and purchasing system. The simple stock replenishment routine automatically generates purchase orders that can be routed for approval and sent to suppliers in PDF format in one highly efficient operation. As with all functions with Weigh label CMMS, integration with corporate ERP and accounts systems is highly configurable and easy to implement.

Mobile Expert PDA
Now you can use Weigh label CMMS on the move. Weigh label CMMS Mobile Expert is designed for Windows Mobile. The Microsoft-certified application lets your people use Weigh label CMMS whether they are walking round your premises or out on the open road. Your maintenance and engineering teams can now access Weigh label CMMS’s paperless work order functionality wherever they may be.

Screens show a new job being raised directly from a device
Dynamic drawing overlays

New dynamic map and drawing overlay feature. This allows users to drill down from drawings into associated records including equipment and work order information.

Enhanced Dashboard

We’ve introduced real time visual messaging features which are accessible from a new dashboard; here the user can check several indicators about maintenance activities. A new scrolling marquee is available on the top of the Dashboard, while the “Top X things to do” feature continually prompts action on the most important issues for each user.

Training Records

A comprehensive new training records function in Weigh label CMMS provides a means of monitoring and pro-actively managing the renewal of employee training certificates, accreditations and skills. With this feature the user is able to view the current skill level and certification status of an employee from their labour records and be aware of upcoming renewal requirements and is able to organise and book candidates onto training courses which are maintained in Weigh label CMMS.

Qualifications can now be made mandatory and also be set as equivalent or superior to further allowing internal and external training to be fully managed.

Super Search

The Weigh label CMMS Super Search function takes you straight to the information you need. The powerful new search facility now looks for your chosen word or search term across multiple record types including assets, inventory items, work orders and purchase orders. Finding the information you need is now as easy as searching on Google.

Additional Standard Features
Also purchase orders can now be associated directly to an asset or cost centre giving better visibility of inventory and costs.

Purchase order being raised against an asset.