Machine Vision

Weigh Label’s Machine Vision group provides vision systems for manufacturers in food, beverage and the pharmaceutical markets. 

Benefits implementing a machine vision solution include increased productivity, improved quality and reduced labour.

As the technology continues to advance and equipment costs continue to fall, companies that dismissed vision systems as costly a few short years ago, are benefiting today from custom developed and standard inspection solutions available to address their specific application.

Our Approach:

We listen. A simple thing to do, yet often not done. We allow the application to dictate the solution and not the other way around.

We are consultative in our approach working with clients and seek to understand the current process and what the expected benefits of implementing a machine vision system. We discuss short term and long term goals and how we get there; typically using a phased approach. As we build out these solution sets and implementation schedules, we are mindful to help build a return on investment (ROI) calculation for the project.

Our Team:

Machine vision demands a multidisciplinary skill set from optics and pixels to lighting and strobing to product orientation and manipulation. Our team is comprised of a vision designer, optics specialist, mechanical engineer, along with project management and documentation specialist. We are proud of our team and offer up their experience and dedication to help you solve your manufacturing challenges.

We encourage you to browse our site to learn more about our approach, team and machine vision systems offered.