OEE Toolkit


OEE Toolkit 6.0 combines powerful (real-time) reporting with a very user friendly interface. From one-click operator applications to management reporting and dashboarding. OEE Toolkit makes capturing, analyzing and visualizing OEE performance indicators uncomplicated and straightforward.

OEE Toolkit key features:

  • Automatic data-collection

  • Comprehensive analyses

  • Real-time dash boarding

  • User friendly

  • Implemented amongst industry leaders

Data Collection:

Remote Collect is a system for collecting OEE data in an efficient and accurate way. Remote Collect has been developed to make OEE data collection easier and more accurate. Remote Collect can be used on all production processes, whether discrete production or continuous processes.

Remote Collect key features:

•         Operator Application

–        Easy to use

•         Real-time OEE and loss feedback

•         Real-time (web based) Dash Boarding

•         Automatic end-of-shift Reporting

•         Automatic data-collection using:

–        Photocell, PLC-connection, OPC-connection

•         Operator specifies standstill and Out-of-Spec reasons

Real-Time Dashboards:

Real-time OEE and production figures, any time, any place. The Web-based Dashboard offers access to the desired data via your web browser.

Everything that is logged with Remote Collect can be made available in a way that suits your needs best. Whether you use it as a management cockpit, a line or a plant dashboard, this add-on module will visualize your production data the way you want it. Also available for PDA’s and smart phones.

OEE Toolkit boasts a wide array of clear and effective graphs, charts and reports. Intuitively categorized from generic OEE information to detailed views on availability, performance and quality losses. The analyzer will provide you with all the information needed to make the right decisions.

Analyzer key features:

  • Easy to use, fast accessibility
  • Concise and to the point
  • 32 Analyses and reports
  • Automatically generate and email reports to list of subscribers in PDF format. (optional add-on)