Product tracing and recalls are at the forefront of both government regulations and industry concerns around the world, particularly in the food industry. Companies face many – and increasing – track and trace requirements. Concealment is no longer an option, and to trade globally it is essential to implement not only international standards, but inter-operational traceability systems.

Conforming to all published International standards including the world’s leading supply chain standards organization’s GS1, Weigh Labels’ traceability solutions offer complete visibility – one up, one down, and beyond. The latest technology tools available, including bar codes, rfid, scanners, and wireless, capture your product’s complete life cycle. Our database records and stores each phase of processing for rapid retrieval in the event of a recall: you will always know what is where, effortlessly track everything about your latest shipments, and review all supporting lot and batch control data. Let Weigh Label use our expertise to help you find the best solution for your national, regional and global business.